Universal Bypass

Don't waste your time with compliance.


Not using ?

Universal Bypass has bypasses for

and many other sites. Plus, you can write custom bypasses!

Have suggestions for a bypass? Shoot me an email at [email protected]

Why Universal Bypass has access to all websites

There are 3 reasons why I'm asking for access to all websites:

  1. Because Universal Bypass bypasses templates which are used on thousands of domains and it would be impossible for me to keep a complete list of domains which are bypassed.
  2. You would have to accept the new permissions for each new bypass added if I were to keep a complete list of the domains which are bypassed.
  3. Custom Bypasses would be pretty pointless if you could only create them for sites which are already bypassed.

Besides, every version of the extension is being reviewed by Google and Mozilla to make sure it's not harmful and it's open-source so even you can review it and see what it's doing.

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